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Self Storage Services

Self storage businesses lease a variety of unit sizes to residential and business customers, known as tenants; popular unit sizes are 5’x10′, which is about the size of a large walk-in closet, this units are commonly called Mini Self Storage Units, 10’x10′ (the size of a child’s bedroom), 10’x20′ (one-car garage), 15’x20′ and 20’x20′ (two-car garage). The self storage units are typically windowless, walled with corrugated metal, and lockable by the renter. Each unit is usually accessed by opening a roll-up metal door, which is usually about the same size as a one-car garage door. A controlled access facility may employ security guards, surveillance cameras, individual unit door alarms and some kind of electronic gate access. A few Self Storage facilities even use biometric thumbprint or hand scanners to ensure that access is granted only to those that rent.

In most instances, a self storage operator never takes possession, care, custody or control of the contents of the storage rental space unless a lien is imposed for non-payment of rent. Self storage facility operators frequently provide controlled access to rental space areas, individual door alarms, interior units lights, and security cameras. Generally, goods or items stored are not insured by the self storage operator; they are stored at the tenant’s “own risk” or protected by tenant-purchased insurance.


Self Storage Units

The customer has unrestricted access to the storage area during site opening hours, although some storage facilities offer 24/7 access. Most of self storage facilities nowadays are taking very serious the security of your belongings, and they are setting up secured systems with computerized electronic access, cameras, even photo ID scanning systems. Transfer of goods into and out of the storage area can be completed by the customers themselves and without use of machinery. Some storage warehouses offer moving and truck rental services. You might find some storage companies offering free move-in and/or move-out self storage services (also known as Removals).

Companies offering self storage units for rent usually offer storing services on a month-to-month basis in US (week-to-week on UK), or by setting up a short or long lease. Self storage units for rent come in several sizes, from small boxes or lockers from 5’x5′ to very large storage places where you can store your business goods, even a Boat, car or RV. For those needed to rent storage units to store sensitive goods, most of the storage warehouses offer insurance plans, although some other places required that you already have your own insurance over the good or items to store. Also for these kind of items there are Climate controlled storage units for rent, temperature and humidity are strictly controlled to keep your belongings safe and secure.


Storage Services

Moving to another home or another city, can be a colossal task, requiring good organization, planning and the right packing supplies to ensure the move goes smoothly. Some people obtain packing supplies with which to pack their household goods themselves in order to keep their moving costs down. There are some packing techniques you can use to not only keep your belongings safe but also ensure that they arrive in pristine condition, during any removal and storage, your packages may end up on trucks with many other items. It is quite common for packages to be removed and repacked onto a truck during intermittent drop-offs so you need to use boxes that are able to stand up to the constant loading and unloading []