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Indoor Self Storage Unit

There can be many reasons private people and businesses need to store goods away to be used at a later time. Sometimes when moving your household goods may need to be stored temporarily. This may be due to timing and not having located a permanent home in your new city and you may need to store your belongings for a few weeks as you find a new home. You may decide to do some remodeling or build an entirely new home and you will need to have your furnishings out of the way while this is going on and cheap self storage is an obvious choice.

You may just need to store items you do not or can not have in your home due to space constraints and public storage can be an excellent option in situations like this. If you are moving and your household or office furnishing need to go in to storage for a period of time, your moving company may have a storage option available to you which may mean you will not need to seek out self storage []

Self storage units comes in a variety of sizes, common ones are: 5’x10′, which is about the size of a large walk-in closet, this units are commonly called Mini Self Storage Units, 10’x10′ (the size of a child’s bedroom), 10’x20′ (one-car garage), 15’x20′ and 20’x20′ (two-car garage). The self storage units are typically windowless, walled with corrugated metal, and lockable by the renter. Each unit is usually accessed by opening a roll-up metal door, which is usually about the same size as a one-car garage door. A controlled access facility may employ security guards, surveillance cameras, individual unit door alarms and some kind of electronic gate access. A few facilities even use biometric thumbprint or hand scanners to ensure that access is granted only to those that rent.

Outdoor Self Storage Units

Indoor storage units are part of a building, and are accessible by entering through doors and elevators between floors are available. Some storage facilities have climate controlled storage units, while others are just slightly more sheltered from the elements than drive-up units. Indoor units are generally from small to medium size, they start from 4’x5′ locker units, for you to store important documents, jewelry, collection items and other valuables, these type of storage units have drawyers and or boxes. Some other units may have roll-up doors or common swing doors. They offer some additional security, as they are usually well-lit.

Outdoor storage units are least expensive units and can be the size of a four-wheel-drive or 40-foot RV. Typically paved or gravel-filled, outdoor self storage units are basically parking spaces. They may come with a metal roof, cinder block walls, and hookups for Boats and/or RV or other kind of vehicle.

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