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Portable Storage Units

Apart of the traditional self service storage units, there are Portable Storage Units, also known as Mobile Storage or PODS(Portable On-Demand), they are a good alternative for both home and business uses. They are regularly small or medium size containers, set up for easily handling and moving using a truck. Companies offering portable storage deliver these containers to your house or business or the location you want, pack it up and then they take the unit to a secure place at their facilities. Ask for a representative about specific details and all services they offer, also don’t forget asking about insurance services, storing companies who offer insurance on this mobile units are more reliable.

Mobile storage is a new concept in the self storage industry, the concept offers potential customers to pack there belongings (or facility workers) into the storage facility van, truck or the newest idea, pods. It is then sent to the storage facility for storing. However portable storage units can be accessed 24/7. seven days a week, and if you require any of your belongings or need to add items to your unit then its just a phone call away.


Mobile Storage Service

The primary advantage of mobile storage is that it provides storage space to your goods. Secondly, you can store your expensive goods without the fear of their damage. Thirdly, conveyance of the goods through portable storage is more convenient than other modes. Portable storage can be transported through the large vehicles. Moreover, there are a number of companies which offer this kind of storage services and you can get negotiable prices because portable storage do not cost much.

For a quick and safe movement of the business items or the household items, portable storage containers are the best option. You just call the company to get the empty storage container. Many companies supply portable storage at your home and when you load it up, then the items are delivered by the company to a mentioned place. You can get the benefits from portable storage units especially if you are dealing with a warehousing business or a retail business. Some portable self storage companies also offer overseas transportation of goods.