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Mini Storage Units

Self storage mini units are generally from 15×10 feet or less. Smaller units (5’x5′ or even less), extra small units are generally a set of boxes or drawers, for storing small items like some collector’s items, paper and important documents, among other examples. Very small storage units are commonly known as Locker Units.

Individual mini units are available to fit your needs. You can rent a cheap storage unit on a monthly basis under an “occupancy agreement.” You may move your items into the storage unit by yourself, or if you have a couple of heavier items, you can request a pickup. Many mini storage facilities will provide free pickup if you agree to keep your items in the unit for a certain length of time. In these cases, when the driver arrives with the truck, it will be your responsibility to load your items. The driver will accept no liability for your items []

When you place your items into a mini storage, it is imperative that you inspect the facilities. Your storage unit should have sufficient amount of space for all of your items. Create an inventory of all of the items that you wish to place into storage, so that if you don’t know which size unit to select, you’ll have something to show to a facility worker.


Mini Self Storage Units

The mini storage units should also be clean, and above all, secure. Self storage facilities offer many types of security features, ranging from alarms, motion detectors, video surveillance, nightly inspections, and guards on duty. You will have to provide your own lock and key, so that only you and your authorized personnel will have access to the unit []


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